Hyundai H1 2.5 CRDi XG: Van Diesel Comfortable, Competitive Prices

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

JAKARTA - Two years ago, when Hyundai Indonesia took off full-size van H-1 version 2.4-liter gasoline and diesel 2.5-liter TCI, mediocre response. H-1 which are imported directly from the factory Ulsan, South Korea, it is less able to give an economic value, although the price is very competitive.

In the aspect of function, H-1 a large dimension, is able to provide extensive benefits. Especially for large families who need a second vehicle. Unfortunately, performance 2.4-liter gasoline engine is not enough to sustain weight akseleratif around 3 tons.

H-1 2.4-liter gasoline power only produces 175 hp at 6.000rpm and torque of 227.7 Nm at 4.200rpm. Achieving this performance fairly minimal for a minibus that was expected at large torque. And when the engine is mounted on a vehicle the size of a type H-1, then fate will be like Toyota Alphard 2.4-liter gasoline is slowly accelerates.

So what about version 2.5 TCI diesel? O, this version actually offer slower performance than petrol versions. H-1 2.5 TCI only produces power at 101 hp and torque of 226Nm at 3.800rpm 2.000rpm. Diesel is clamped in this model is also fairly conventional technology. Luckily this version is no longer marketed Hyundai.

As a substitute, later Indonesia market Hyundai H-1 variant version of the A-2.5 CRDi diesel. This model has even been assembled in Indonesia that has the advantage in price and facilities which reached 5-year warranty.
Indonesia should have participated since the beginning of the Hyundai CRDi variant sell, as do many countries in Europe and Australia. Even in China, where the H-1 controlled 20% of the acquisition market in katagorinya, CRDi version plays an important role.

Well, how have you menggarasikan Hyundai H-1 A-2.5 CRDi at home? will membahasnnya for you. Incidentally a few days ago this portal have the opportunity to test H-1 CRDi with routes far from Bali to Jakarta.

About Hyundai H-1 CRDi

Hyundai H-1 known as the Starex, H-200, Imax, or i800. Minibuses or vans are manufactured since 1997 and is widely used for personal vehicles, traction, travel, until the ambulance.
Latest CRDi H-1 is sold in Indonesia since February 2010 is the second generation that first appeared in Korea in 2007. In Malaysia (Hyundai Starex), the vehicle is categorized as a luxury MPV because some facilities and features are presented.

So far, according to the signing of the Technical License Agreement (TLA) in March 2009, only Indonesia that get right to assemble CRDi H-1 in Asean and allowed to sell it to countries in the region by Hyundai Motor Company.
H-1 second generation is much more fresh, both in design and technology, rather than first-generation model. In this latest model Hyundai has adopted a high-tech machines CRDi (Common Rail Direct Injection) with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT).

CRDi technology itself introduced since November 2004. Machines are more fuel efficient and produce greater torque at low rpm Hyundai was developed in Detroit Diesel, the U.S. built on its partnership with Fiat in 1997. Compared with normal intercooler turbo diesel engine, which utilizes CRDi 1350 bar injector pressure, more efficient about 15%.


Overall design of the Hyundai H-1 gives new color on a large van vehicle its size. Unlike its competitors from Germany, H-1 offers a bit more attractive sculptural form of bending the body-bends sharply. This can be seen on the curved line above the front and rear fenders, and the plot line from the front door and pointed at the main light.

Headlights enlarged with grill width is the main characteristic that distinguishes the second-generation H-1 to its predecessor. Through this view is also H-1 seemed to pursue his closest rivals from Japan, Toyota Alphard.
Hyundai H-1 CRDi sold in Indonesia are provided in two variants, namely, differentiated Elegance and XG Based on the number of features. In XG variant which I test a few days ago, there are many excellent features, such as hanging screens, global positioning system (GPS), wood grain panels, Xenon headlights, and head unit Kenwood Double Din.

All features are clearly privileged and generally only given to the premium class cars.

Performance and Control

Indeed H-1 A-2.5 CRDi is a car length and width, and weight. But when I drive it, this van does not show the impression of difficult and slow. In contrast, H-1 was able to show the power that reaches 392 Nm of torque at 2,000-2.500rpm through responsive acceleration. In short, such as H-1 CRDi V6 gasoline engine equipped.
With the same strength of the upward trajectory rather than a scourge for H-1. When crossed the meandering path to the port of Gilimanuk, Bali, for example, dp easy mendahuli vehicle with a fairly high speed. Stop in the middle of hill, then started again acceleration is also not a problem for H-1 CRDi.

System 5-speed automatic transmission on XG variant is also very helpful. Menu shiftronic-play manual-style gear lever allows me to freely adjust as needed to drive the best performance.

Many times the menu shiftronic played, especially when on the road uphill and down, and when they want mendahuli vehicle. Even the occasional menainkan shiftronic as engine brake before braking hard.
Hydraulic steering system Power Assisted, Rack & pinion also deserves thumbs up. While feels a bit heavy, but this is a positive character for large-sized van H-1. Through this measured steering system H-1 is easy to control like a minivan.

Ease of control H-1 is also clearly supported by the extent of visibility of the driver. Through the high seating position, plus the wide front window, and putting a low point of the A pillar, the driver has the foresight and to the side.
Another interesting feature that helps ease of control is the availability of CCTV cameras in the back. With this feature the driver can see objects behind the monitor screen in dashboartd while parking.

Function, Comfort and Safety

H-1 A-2.5 CRDi has a composition that can be configured to seat nine or six passengers. When compiled for six passengers, cabin H-1 became very special because in each row will have a table, complete with a pair of cup holders.

Remarkably, because the bench was standing on the tracks and can be shifted, passenger leg room can be arranged according to the size of personnel who want to sit there. feel a spacious leg room when trying to sit on the bench third-row passenger comfort, without disturbing in the second row.
Overall, both passenger and driver, given the range of motion in the cabin of H-1. Even the cargo space behind the third bench, enough to transport the goods on holiday for six people for two nights in Bali and Semarang.

Unfortunately, the suspension Rigid Axle 5-link behind a rather loud. The goal is to sustain a high weight and minimize body roll-over. However, this suspension settings have to sacrifice a little comfort when the H-1 run over the road hole.
In the safety sector, H-1 CDRi provide features electronic stability program (ESP) and Antilock brakes (ABS) on all four wheels, which all apply the 16-inch ventilated discs. With this brake system CRDi H-1 could provide lebut stopping power, but can also responded aggressively when the driver wants to do hard braking.

Value and Price

Hyundai has started to become a threat to Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen, after the United States and European consumers many South Korean car chase.

U.S. and European consumer's interest in Hyundai manufacturing is part of the picture is in providing quality vehicles, low prices, including a good safety system. Moreover, as we all know, consumer vehicles in the U.S. and Europe is very critical if the offending issue of safety.
Hyundai H-1 A-2.5 CRDi is priced at USD 378 million (Elegance M / T), Rp 400 million (Elegance A / T), and Rp 417 million (XG A / T) belong to competitively priced car. Prices are practical only half less expensive than that offered by its competitors bandrol from Germany and Japan.

And for the value of it, you've got the same function, plus an advanced diesel engine fuel economy.
What about prestige? You can learn from the U.S. or European consumers who now do not ever worry about prestige when menggarasikan Hyundai at his home.

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