Test Drive: Proton Exora Supreme AT

Sunday, May 1, 2011

JAKARTA - Manufacturing car-manufacturing trade in Indonesia, it felt obliged to have a variant of the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). In Indonesia, MPV became the most wanted type of car, other than the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle).
One of them is Proton. Proton Edar Indonesia (PEI) to market the Proton Exora, MPVpertama Proton. The presence of Exora made competition increasingly crowded this type of car and of course the benefit is the consumer. get a chance to try out 7-seater MPV AT Exora Supreme on the streets of Jakarta and surrounding areas. Proton Edar Indonesia meniagakan 3 variants; Executive manual transmission (USD 184 million) and automatic (USD 195 million), and the Supreme AT (USD 220 million).
Design And Cabin

Quite attractive exterior appearance, with body lines and dynamic firm, though not complicated. Front face is also interesting with angled light model. Stern section showing the vertical rear lamps and decorated with LED. 5-spoke alloy wheels make this car trying to look sporty.
Cabin space highlights looked good design eye. Conservative yet stylish meter cluster is easy to read and seen. Model ergonomic dashboard looks interesting with the audio in-dash which displays a luxurious feel. In addition, considerable amount of storage space, as in the front passenger dashboard there are two drawers.

Convenience is also more complete with audio screen for rear passengers 8.5 inches dimension. Leg room on the second bench feels roomy, only the third seat leg room quite short.
A little disturbing is the plastic material in the trim and dashboard feels less smooth.

Performance and Acceleration
Behind the front bonnet saved the kitchen runway beremblem Campro 1.6 liter capacity. This machine is capable of producing power 125 hp at 6500 rpm and torque of 150 Nm at 4500 rpm.

When the transmission in 'D' accelerator pedal is pressed the roar of the engine is fine. Under the first round of aggressive enough for this car weighs 1443 kilograms. Speed ​​continues to climb up, with the rapid speedometer needle touches 100 kpj. Only after it agresifitasnya was depleted, but never mind this, after all, an MPV.

Being behind the wheel feels comfortable with a wide glass create a broad vision. Interestingly, Exora equipped cruise control and audio settings button / telephone as a premium car.

Controlling dimension MPV 4592 x 1809 x 1692 mm (LxWxH) was impressive. Symptoms of body roll that usually appear on the cars of this type was minimal when cornering or turning. It's just swing feels less soft suspension.

Practicality and Safety
The second and third seats can be folded flat. If we only need a bench second row, third row bench can be folded flat, this makes the volume of baggage to be increased. Dual zone air conditioning is also extended to the rear. Ventilation-AC vantilasi found on the roof so the rear passengers do not swelter.

While safety systems have dual airbags in front. To stop the wheels have been installed ABS brakes.

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