Dekotora: Modified Trucks quirky but Existed

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TOKYO - Dekotora. The extent to which you are familiar with this name. It still feels strange to our ears, is not it? Dekotora or Decotora is short for "Decoration Truck" (Decoration Truck). Dekotora modifications to the truck itself is very popular in Japan and still exist to this day.

Unlike truck modifications in force in Indonesia, the creativity of truck drivers in Japan are much more ridiculous. In Dekotora things stand out that should not be overlooked is the sparkle of light, and knick-knacks glitter. Even at some truck modifications performed by adding unique attributes.
Dekotora was popularized by the driver or trucking workers in Japan. Not limited to modifications made on the tailgate or exterior. But up to the interior. Art Truck or "atotorakku". That's how Japanese say.

Style modification Dekotora first used in 1975 in a film that tells the life of truck drivers in Japan. But in the era of the 90s style modifications participate influenced animated series Gundam.
Despite seem extreme, modification Dekotora driving does not violate the safety regulations in force in Japan. Bumper generally appear larger and longer, and the roof is sometimes imbued "cap" of the remains safe for drivers, passengers and other road users.

In addition to the attributes of additional lights which seemed excessive, punching Dekotora characteristic lies in the graphic theme. Generally, the pictures that used the theme of animals, flowers, people, kabuki, religious symbols or animation. All these pictures are usually characterize the status of goods transported Dekotora truck.
Well, maybe someday Decotora will be a match for the leader of the Transformers.

Bosozoku: Modified-style Bukkake Gang Cars in Japan

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TOKYO - Do not you laugh, or even ridiculed the owner, if an when they saw a car that knows what kind of style. Even though the car's appearance will make you want to exit the stomach contents.

Could be the car you saw was the result of a recent modification Bosozoku style back alleys loved cars in Japan.
Bosozoku style modification is still common in Indonesia. Nevertheless, there are a handful of people who unknowingly have been diving Bosozoku style modification in the country.
Typically, modifications Bosozoku style typical of Indonesia can be found in suburban areas. Young people usually ridiculed as a modification Indonesia "tacky".

The characteristics of typical modifications Bosozoku Indonesia clearly at odds with the prevailing trend in Japan. In Indonesia Bosozoku modification characterized by the use of accessories not consider aspects of functionality and uniformity of style. All the original stickers that said as a cool accessory.

Some even banging striking colors that are not in tune with the core color of his car. There is also a ridiculous change the body into the family sedan as if like a supercar. For example only, a Toyota Corolla alerts 80s who suddenly change shape so Lamborghini.
Bosozoku style typical of Indonesia is so clearly can not be equated with the Japan Bosozoku-syle. However, there is matching red thread between them, that is stealing people's attention.


Bosozoku himself was first popularized by motorcycle gangs in Japan who likes to modify his vehicle. Initially, the main purpose of modifications to the motorcycle-style Bosozoku acted by altering the design of the exhaust to produce a noise. Besides changing the shape of the bike, kids generally Bosozoku gang also offset the appearance of clothing and haircuts with a unique style, though not be equated with harajuku. See the action they will remind us of the figures anime (cartoons) Japan of the '80s.

Trends Bosozoku had escalated in the 1980s to the 1990s. Unfortunately, because many are in violation of safety rules, in 2004 the Japanese government banned the use Bosozoku on the highway. Many children Bosozoku gang jailed for reckless with these regulations. As a result, enthusiasts Bosozoku style also decreased drastically.

But this year the trend re-emerged in Japan Bosozoku. Not just motorcycles, many car which then participates style of this modification. Currently small Bosozoku gangs many are found in Tokyo, Osaka, Ibaraki, and Fukuoka.
Bosozoku style applied on the car by installing a large bumper and wings are long and excessive. This sort of thing is certainly not for the purpose of aerodynamics, but only as a form of exploitation "speed".

It is also compulsory required is a long klapot sticking out the heavens, the factory chimneys. Model exhaust that sometimes the numbers can reach 4 or 6 selonsong (depending on the number of cylinders the engine) is referred to as "bukkake," an idiom for sexual diseases. Another one is the wheel, where the size is "mandatory" 14 inch 11J.

Many car models are generally applied to Bosozoku alerts sedan years old. However, some are made using a base Bosozoku van or MPV.
Well, maybe fate Bosozoku on cars that are the current trends fate six years ago? Without having to answer, please enjoy the photos Bosozoku those found on the internet is.

Panamera with Titanium Turbine Wheel

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Zuffenhausen - Porsche is now the middle of the upper hand. What else could it saloon 4-door Porsche Panamera gets very good reception from all over the world. Just imagine, for a Porsche, within 12 months Panamera has successfully sold more than 23 thousand units.

In order to maintain the rhythm of this excitement by offering a choice widens Porsche Panamera Turbo with Powerkit. Strength was up 40 hp to 540 hp from the Panamera Turbo. While the torque to 750 Nm from 700 Nm.
Some elements that boost the performance is wearing two new turbo with titanium turbine wheel. Engine management computer has also been rearranged to obtain a more fierce responsiveness.

In Sport Plus driving mode, the Panamera Turbo Powerkit accelerates 0.1 seconds faster than the Panamera Turbo. 0-100 km / h reached in 3.9 seconds. Panamera maximum speed can reach 305 km / h (Panamera Turbo 303 km / h). Remarkably although the strength increases gasoline consumption remains the same 8.7 km / liter. Porsche claims this achievement thanks to the Porsche Intelligent performace.
Panamera Turbo Powerkit will be released to the market next month. In Germany the Panamera Turbo Power Kit priced at 21,470 US4.

Volvo Black Ceram

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Cologne - Volvo is known as a manufacturer of elegant cars. But not for this one. Volvo took lawasnya colleagues, Heico Sportiv, to give a touch of attractive and spectacular for the Volvo S60.

The result, Wouw. Volvo S60 T6 Design look more frightening with a black metallic body berkelir (Shappire Black) plus a sporty black wheels too. S60 T6 Design tongkrongan more 'bite' with two spoilers on the front bumper. The redesigned rear bumper so as if a diffuser. At the stern there are four oval exhaust pipes.

Design is driving the S60 T6 lower 30 mm of the Volvo S60 regular, thanks to using a good sport. S60 black alloy wheels wrapped in 245/35 R19 Pirelli tire that is claimed to have great traction.
S60 T6 interior design is made more casual. Detailed interior Heico Sportiv logo imbued included in the transmission lever. Regular pedals and footrest pedals and footrest changed to aluminum. And to mark that this car is a limited edition car, Heico Sportiv put a plate bearing the serial number of the production in the cabin.

S60 T6 Design uses the same engine as the regular S60, but revised. 6-cylinder gasoline engine, dating Turbo, is now spraying power 330 hp (larger 26 hp) and torque of 460 Nm (up 20 Nm).
With the system armed with all-wheel-drive and 6-speed automatic transmission, the S60 T6 Design unable to complete the 0-100 kph in 5.8 seconds and glide up to 250 km / hour. Gasoline consumption reached 9.71 km / liter and 239 grams of CO2 emissions / km.
Volvo simply keep the number of safety devices on the S60 T6 Design. Call it blis (Blin Spot Information System), Driver Alert to warn drivers when tired.

Heico Sportiv Volvo is known as a tuner since 20 years. Heico Sportiv Volvo Car is an official partner of Germany since two years ago.
Volvo S60 T6 Design will only be sold in 100 'copies'. The price is 63,698 euros.

VW Golf GTI Style Adidas will be in Sydney

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Botany - Two companies from Germany - Volkswagen and adidas - for the first time fuse. They will introduce the VW Golf GTI adidas at the Australian International Motor Show 2010.

At the exhibition held in Sydney 15 to 24 October 2010 that adidas Golf GTI will look more sporty with a specially designed alloy wheels 18 inches in diameter from Serron. Adidas logo can be found on the pillar B.
The inside of the seat made ​​of fabric with three-line design and adidas logo. While the edge of Vienna leather upholstery. In the back of both front seats are available pockets for storing magazines, newspapers, books or small objects.

As a difference with regular GTI, there are also bulb golf ball design gear lever, aluminum accents, special carpeting, and others.
VW Australia offers two color Candy White and Tornado Red. Adidas Golf GTI will be released at a price of 45,990 AUSD.
This special edition is only offered in 5-door 6-speed DSG transmission.

Hyundai i20 cloaked Brabus

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PARIS - Hyundai i20 Sport Edition appeared at the Paris Motor Show 2010.
Hyundai Car coupling Research and Development (CRD), a peruasahaan affiliated with Startech and Brabus, the i20 makes the display becomes more energetic.

i20 is more aggressive with its sporty design on the bumper and side skirts. Brabus alloy wheels add a dimension of 17 inches i20 sporty character.
Another touch of the exterior look at the design grille and LED lights are lit throughout the day.

Looking at the cabin is also more sporty Recaro kuesi beremblem and shift knob chrome model. Display shown with luxurious leather trim and berbalur dimensional 7-inch LCD screen with GPS navigation.
i20 Sport Edition goes on sale early 2011 and is available in the i20 five-door variants and three-door.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 More Gagah with Mopar

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AUBURN HILLS - All-New Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 will look more handsome when Mopar gives a touch of his trademark. And, now, Mopar offers more than 60 accessories for the All-New Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011.

For the exterior, aluminum wheels set Mopar 17-20 inch size bersemir berkelir silver and black. Anti-rust alloy wheels are priced starting at U.S. $ 690. Some chrome parts offered; cover rearview mirror ($ 89), bezel fog lamps ($ 81.4), exhaust tip ($ 77.3). Skid plate available for the gas tank, transfer case and engine. And many more accessories for the exterior.

Accessories for the interior of the pedal kit made ​​of stainless steel, a dog bed size 31 × 36 inches ($ 72), door-sill guards, Katzkin leather upholstery ($ 1,199), iPod interface kit, and others.
"For consumers who want to modify the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011, please come to us," said Pietro Gorlier, President & CEO of Mopar. If you're interested it's worth visiting

Powerful Ford Fiesta 350 hp at SEMA Show 2010

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Dearborn - Ford Fiesta 2011 will take part in the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show 2010. The exhibition lasts 2 to 5 November 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Modifications to the car at the show will look more sporty Fiesta with some modifications. "SEMA Show offers the perfect opportunity to showcase all the different ways that can be expressed Fiesta personality," said Sam De La Garza, the Fiesta brand manager.
"Small Cars like Fiesta is very unique for those who like modifications," added Sam. "They like to modify the exterior, interior and performance."

Ford took some institutions to modify the Fiesta. Universal Technique Institute offers a Fiesta with Dupont paint, digital Air Lift suspension, roll cage, racing seat status, Baer brakes, wheels and tires 18 ", in order to increase performance.
3dCarbon showing the European version of Fiesta with racing styles including stripes (stripes) 3dCarbon, window film, rear spoiler and body kit.

There are still L & G Enterprises, Steeda Autosports, and FSWerks. Ford's own internal divisions, Ford's Vehicle Personalization and Ford Racing Performance Parts, took part.
Ford Racing Performance Parts featuring Fiesta 2300 cc engine, which burst the power 350 hp. The machine was taken from the Fiesta 2.0 liter EcoBoost.
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