Honda Accord VTi-L 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

JAKARTA - Although the 'cake' little or no premium sedan class registration for MPV in Indonesia, not create a Honda Accord in silence.

"To rejuvenate the market in this segment need a refresher product. That is why at the beginning of 2011 we are offering New Full Size Honda Accord, "said Jonfis Fandy, director of marketing and after-sales of PT Honda Prospect Motor - Honda's sole agent in Indonesia - when met at the sidelines of the media test drive.

According to him, the Accord in 2011 brought the concept of Bigger, Better, bolder against his opponents despite relatively minor conducted refresher.
2011 Accord gets a new design on the front bumper, grille and wheels 17 "(VTI-L). At the 2011 Accord stern lights are decorative chrome. And all types of Accord, 2011, now, equipped with retractable door mirrors.

For the interior, Honda move the audio controls on steering wheel to the rear armrest so that the master can play the audio as he wishes. Accord audio system can adjust the songs in the CD/MP3/WMA format. USB ports are available for those who are fond of listening to songs from the memory stick or digital player.

Still on the inside of the cabin, texture and color of the wood panel on the console and doors replaced. Locks replaced the conventional model of a model jack knife key. While the 2011 Accord is still not providing information on fuel consumption records on display.
In the media test ride which was held yesterday (third), journalists are invited to sit in the backseat and the driver disupiri beautiful woman from Jakarta-Bogor-Jakarta, is using the Honda Accord VTi-L 2.4-L.

12 Honda Accord 2011 convoy started from the lobby of a luxury hotel in the area SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District). "Good morning, sir. Please come in and sit in the back seat, "said the sweet virgin who became a driver.

With relief legroom, headroom, two air conditioning vents in the rear center console and leather wrapping the seats, I could sit comfortably throughout the trip. You can still work with laptops, iPad, BlackBerry, or listening to music. Or simply chatting with pretty and young drivers like Wenti.

Damping suspension feels quite comfortable - a route that crossed the highway Jagorawi. The voices from outside silenced by good, though sound friction wheel with the road surface is still audible.
Car audio volume to adjust to the speed of the car - speed-sensitive volume compensation (SVC). The more cars speeding greater the audio sound.
Unfortunately, a test ride this time does not get a chance to drive it directly to feel the handling and performance of the car.

Honda Accord VTI-L equip with electric rear sunshade. You just ordered the driver to raise the curtain on the rear glass so you do not heat in the sun.
2011 Accord engine is still adopting the previous model engine, 2.4 liter, i-VTEC, powerful 180 hp and 222 Nm, and 5-speed automatic transmission.

Active safety features offered in the form VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), ABS brakes, EBD and BA. While passive safety features include safety belts for all passengers, two front and two side airbags, and others.

Price Accord VTi-L released with a tag of USD 481.5 million. 6 color choices are ready to tease you; Bold Beige Metallic, polished Metal Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Brilliant White Pearl, and Titanium Metallic (new colors).

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