Nissan March AT 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

JAKARTA - Following the end of last year's manual transmission feel the Nissan March, until translucent Jogjakarta, this time, at the beginning of the year, again feel the automatic version of the Nissan March (AT).

March AT dibanderol Rp 150.1 million has a compact dimension. The design is not too fancy but quite adorable. The style dominated the round and bloated exterior view from the main light to the butt section.
As a hatchback, we opted to try around Jakarta. March seemed more suitable when used as an urban car.

Performance and Handling
Cars that have been assembled in Indonesia's reliance on the engine capacity of 1.2-liter DOHC HR12DE. This machine is capable of spraying power 76 hp at 6000 rpm with a torque of 103 Nm at 4000 rpm. Combined with 4-speed automatic transmission that is easy to operate.

When the accelerator pedal start trampled, initial acceleration is quite responsive. The more the gas pedal is pressed quickly speedometer needle continues to move up.
It does not complicate handling, with compact dimensions of stability is quite good. Toss well as comfortable and soft suspension.

One advantage is the compact car dimensions. With the relatively small dimensions crossed the crowded streets of the city is very helpful. Moreover, the automatic transmission is assisted driving comfort on the street that was jammed very helpful driver.

Interior and Comfort
Combined with okay performance and attractive design, March has a modern aura in the cabin. The wide dashboard design combines black and silver color on the console is quite interesting.

Although the plastic material classified as not too special, covered with modern design, ranging from audio in-dash with the dashboard, and leather wrapping on the wheel.
Sitting behind the steering wheel is comfortable, adjustable steering wheel height to obtain the appropriate position. Semi-bucket seats wrapped in black fabric can add to its convenience.

One of the things that somewhat disturbing is the audio quality. We feel the sound coming out of the four speakers was not melodious. It also diamini Kartolo Saimin, Dharma Audio car audio installer, Jakarta.
According to the installer it sound less, his voice tends below. The solution is to add tweeters and a subwoofer.

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